\ About Griya Kinasih, a Humanitarian Organization Helps Underprivileged Children Education
humanitarian organization helps underprivileged children education

Griya Kinasih, a Humanitarian Organization that provide Dormitory and Educational Assistance for Underprivileged Children

Who is Griya Kinasih?

Griya Kinasih is a humanitarian organization located in Malang that have a mission to help the education of underprivileged children who has financial difficulties. It started in 1999 from the idea of the teachers of the secondary school of Pamerdi School to help underprivileged children. This humanitarian organization provide dormitory both for boys dorm and girls dorm. They also give educational assistance from elementary, secondary, high school, and college student. At the moment we have ± 50 boys and girls staying at our dormitory and in 2010 we choose the name “Griya Kinasih“ for our dormitory which has a meaning “The House of Love“. See our full story in 3 language (Indonesian, English, Dutch).

What is Griya Kinasih do?

Pioneered by a sponsor from the USA (Miss Carla) in the year 2000, we hired a house and used it as a dormitory for the underprivileged children. As the house became to small for those children, we had to hired the second house and used it as girls dorm. The purpose of raising this project is not only to provide a house but a HOME for the underprivileged children who need help because of financial reasons. We provide board and lodgings for the children , with 3 meals. Parent who are able to pay, help our expenses according to their ability. For children from really poor families it is totally free of charge.

Why we need your help?

The expenses of this dormitory is approximately Rp. 30.000.000,- ( thirty million rupiah ) every month, to pay food, water and electricity , wages of the supervisor etc. We cover the expenses from the donation of sponsors and from the church. Griya Kinasih can improve their dormitory facilities, their program for education, and funded the underprivileged children because of the help and donation from sponsors, benefactors, and from church. Assistance from sponsors play a big role for this dormitory.